Member Spotlight: Jeff Caillouette

This month Jeff Caillouette is our Spotlight Member. Jeff says he wasn’t always fit, but as a kid enjoyed being outside. After high school, he was looking for something to do after work and started working out. As he became more fit, he started hiking and found out about the Appalachian Mountain Club’s NH 48 4,000 foot mountains (a list of which you can find here and decided to make it a goal to climb them all.

His words:

“I started working on the list and soon as I started it my love for hiking and the challenge of it all grew substantially and I discovered the AMC New England 67 and the AMC New England hundred highest. So with a good friend of mine we decided to go for all 3 lists! That lead to goals of doing the Presidential Traverse in one day and a few other challenging big single or 2-day hikes with the big goal of finishing before our 30th birthday- and we did!”

“Some other benefits I get from working out is my job can be very physically demanding so it helps with not getting worn down, along with staying healthy and mentally balanced for myself!”

“I go to HHF because it is the best gym in the area for me so I choose it for that reason and has really allowed me to meet many great people in the area who have many different backgrounds it’s like a mini family there.”

We’re glad you’re part of our family, Jeff!