Meet Personal Trainers Emily & Alec

Emily Calder
Certified Personal Trainer

Emily holds an Undergraduate Degree in Nutrition, and is currently attending graduate school working towards her Masters in Nutritional Science with the eventual goal to receive her Registered Dietitian Certification. With one foot on the fitness side of health, and one foot on the food side, she helps her clients achieve a complete picture of health!

Alec Atwood
Certified Personal Trainer

Alec specializes primarily in Circuit training and Fitness MMA & Boxing. “My goal for the future is to bring as much health and wellness to the Rockingham county community as I can. Furthermore, I look forward to expanding my horizons and taking on new clients with a variety of fitness needs. While working at Hampstead Health and Fitness for the last 7 years I have learned many things the most important, I believe is not stopping when you’re tired however, stopping when you are finished. As I finish up My Bachelor’s degree at the University Of New Hampshire I remain busy with the Army National Guard as a 31b (Military Police). I look forward to pushing limits, creating goals, and accomplishing those goals with each and every one of you. Good Luck and keep on pushing.”