Ted’s Trainer Tip

After almost 30 years in the fitness industry, mostly as a trainer, you better have learned some things along the way—I like to think I have.

When I first started out, I believed that consistency alone was the key to health, fitness, and longevity, but I learned pretty quickly that consistency can become complacency when you only work within your comfort zone. To me, consistency means always taking steps to challenge and better yourself: doing more and pushing harder each time; learning what works for your body specifically; being—at the very least—slightly uncomfortable while exercising; and ensuring there’s balance between staying active through fitness in the gym and also finding fitness through recreation outside the walls of the gym.

Although we seem to live in a time when taking care of others comes before taking care of ourselves, I’ve always felt that if I was in a good place, one of healthy body and mind, I was far more capable of doing well for my family and those I love. Plan for brief breaks to take yourself away from your fitness routine rather than letting life get in the way and pulling fitness away from you. Be in control of your fitness like other aspects of your life because, in the end, it may be the most valuable.

– Ted