2017 Employee of the Year: Melissa

The staffs’ fearless leader Melissa Lapointe, our Assistant General Manager, is our December 2017 Employee of the Month and EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR!

On a personal note, anyone that loses 130 pounds through vigorous exercise and good nutrition habits is a winner in my book period! She is a single mom of three great kids and balances her professional and personal life very well. Professionally, the fact that Melissa left her comfort zone working in a career that spanned 15 years to come work in an industry she was unfamiliar with simply takes bravery….. and working for me is not necessarily easy! She challenges me, we butt heads, sometimes agree and disagree, see situations through different lenses and in the end that’s what makes us work great together. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Her personal perspective brings positive change to HHF, its members and staff. She takes on the uncomfortable with intensity, enthusiasm and finds a way to get tasks done while working continually to better herself as a leader. Melissa defines ‘customer service’ at the highest level and she couldn’t be more genuine and patient in her dealings with members regardless of the situation at hand with those interactions always concluding with resolution and a smile. All of the above simply means that I am extremely proud of Melissa for her consistent effort, hard work, resilience and bravery.

We couldn’t be happier to have Melissa as HHF’s Employee of the Year!

– Ted