Nutrition Counseling

jenilee roy nutrition 2020

Our fantastic Nutritionist Jeni! Message her for a free consultation!

Are you confused by all the diets and protocols out there?
-Specific Carbohydrate diet

Just to name a few. They all work but sometimes figuring out what works best for you can be tricky and frustrating!

For 2020 I want to help you weed through all of these and refresh you with a more personalized approach. Most of my clients have had allergies, sensitivities and full on Autoimmune diseases that need to be addressed. No matter what your goals are ….to lose weight, feel healthier or help heal some more chronic issues such as Acid Reflux, IBS, Chrohns, Celiacs, Hashimoto’s.

I use a 5 step approach with all my clients

1. Reset
2. Resolve system imbalances
3. Recognize the root cause
4. Repair and Remove the root cause
5. Return to resolving system imbalances.