Happy Birthday Fred Archambault!

Yesterday we had the privilege of celebrating our eldest members birthday, Fred Archambault turns 95 Sunday!

Our longtime friend and all-around great man is a World War II Veteran and lifted makeshift weights from military vehicle parts on the airstrip in Italy while waiting for fighter planes to return for refueling! He was also a member of the weight lifting team at the Oscar Mathus Gym in Lawrence Mass in the 1930’s. Fred competed in Power Lifting for 20 years, becoming a World Champion at 80 years old and had the highest points ranking in the world at that time.

Last Fall, after an illness, he met and regained his goal of bench pressing 200 pounds.

Fred celebrated his 95 birthday by doing 10 pull-ups on Friday, then ate some cake!
We love yah Fred and are honored to call you friend.

Watch the video: