Group Ex Survey Results

Thanks everyone for the feedback and input to our Group Exercise Schedule Survey! A lot of the feedback and questions are related to why certain instructors cannot hold a class on a certain day or at a certain time. We work specifically with the days and times our instructors give us for their availability and quite simply, that is the primary factor in how the schedule is structured. We prefer to not make many changes since most of our classes are well attended and why screw up a good thing right?! With that said, sometimes changes are necessary as instructors schedules change and so we also must adapt. The good part is that we have great, caring instructors who step up and are open to adjusting their schedules to fit the needs of other instructors. This is the case with this new Fall schedule. There are seven changes; instructor changes, some days/times and a couple of new classes (Monday 5pm and the addition of Tuesday 6am).

We will be demoing Michelle Collins ‘Group Fight’ (Cardio Kickboxing) and ‘Zumba Strong’, 30 minutes of each on Tuesday October 3rd at 9am so please give it a try and give us your feedback as we will consider these classes for an addition or change to our current schedule.

Also, we will be posting replies to some specific concerns and input from the surveys in the Group Room and on Facebook very soon. As always, we don’t shy away from member concerns and critiques as they only help to make us a better facility for our valued members and our community, and as always, my door is always open for that reason! Here is a sneak peek at the new Fall schedule. Thank you, Ted