HHF Welcomes Hot Asana of Hampstead! 🧘

HHF welcomes Hot Asana of Hampstead! Since covid has affected us all to some degree and hurt many small businesses. HHF and Hot Asana have teamed up to help strengthen both small businesses and work together to navigate this new normal we find ourselves in! HHF will now be a satellite location for Hot Asana to better serve their clients and bring additional offerings to HHF members.

All Hot Asana classes HELD AT HHF from 10/19 a 10/25 will be FREE of charge to current HHF Members! HHF’s current yoga schedule will remain as is.

Please use the link below to reserve your spot as well as special offering for youths and teens! Please support small business as we all work hard to survive and thrive! Please welcome Paula Gilligan and her team to HHF!