Looking back over 20 Years!



Hampstead Health & Fitness founders Susan & John Boutin opened the doors of HHF on Saturday November 6th 1999, Hampstead and the surrounding towns had their own health club! At that time gyms and health clubs were few and far between and found primarily in the larger towns or cities of the Merrimack Valley, the Greater Manchester area and the Seacoast. So it was a risky business venture to take over one of the largest commercial/retail buildings in lil’ old Hampstead — the old Custeau’s Market — and turn it into a relatively large health club! I can only imagine the sleepless nights wondering, “if we build it, will they come?” would come to fruition.

Well it did and the Boutin’s desire to create a community and family culture soon resulted in the need for expansion, so within one year they grew to the old ‘Pillbox’ side of the building expanding the kids’ areas of the club, adding a few tenants some that remain today including, Hampstead Sports and Rehab. Lifetime Chiropractic, and C. Melucci Salon & Spa.

In 2006 with a desire for more family time with their two young sons, the Boutin’s decided to sell their beloved gym, to me, Ted Curtin, their Personal Trainer of several years who teamed with Dr. Humberto Valdes, a client and friend of mine. Although I trained at other facilities, a few times per month I would visit HHF to train John and Susan. I loved their gym so when John mentioned to me they wanted to sell it on February 16th 2006 I replied, “consider it sold”. We took over operations of HHF 8 months to the day after on October 16, 2006.

Twenty years after opening its doors HHF remains the longest-running and strongest health club in the area with a staff that works very hard to deliver the best, cleanest, friendliest experience possible and an owner that is on site daily dedicated to HHF and its community.

HHF remains a strong small business in Hampstead surviving and thriving through the recession, the onslaught of chain gyms that surrounded little Hampstead as well as the boom of studio fitness. We are proud of what we have accomplished here in Hampstead, a community comprised of amazing people and we will work to be a pillar of the strength of the small business model in our area.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support of HHF and small business in our community!

– Ted Curtin