Member Highlight: Meet Jimmy Porter

Need a little New Years motivation? Meet Jimmy Porter, Hampstead Health & Fitness member for 2 years.

“It is with great pride that I announce that I am medication free, two weeks ahead of schedule. I am no longer a type 2 diabetic. I no longer have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. If you put your mind and body in motion you can change your life. I want to give a special thanks to my Dad for his support and of course my Mom who watches over me. Thank You, to all of you for your support and words of encouragement. I am here for anyone who wishes to help themselves. It’s not a secret it’s science. Happy New Year!!!”

“I’ve been up and down with my weight my whole adult life. My inspiration came from my Mother’s spirit. My Mom passed away of cancer almost five years ago. In April of 2018 I fell asleep at the wheel from the effects of type 2 diabetes while driving home from work at 3:45pm in the afternoon. I awoke feet away from driving into a telephone poll and still wonder today how I missed it. I have lost 97lbs total and 60lbs in 2018. I’ve lost 13 inches off my waist, which is what I’m most proud of.

My usual routine is I try and get to the Health and Fitness Center as much as possible 5 to 6 times a week. I do mostly cardio while doing some weight training. I think the biggest change in my life as far as working out goes is “it’s not the end of the world” if I miss a day. “Sweat it without sweating it” is my new motto. My diet changed when I went to see a nutritionist, that’s been a huge game changer. I would have to say that my biggest piece of advice would be to get in the right frame of mind. Ask yourself, do I want this? Do I want the chance to live longer, live happier, so that I can help others achieve their goals. I feel 25 years younger. I sleep better, I simply love life again. I love myself again.. As I’ve said all along. If I can reach one person it will have made going public with my story worth it.

WMUR Viewers Choice 2019: Best Gym

HHF Voted #3 in WMUR’s poll of viewers’ picks for best gym in New Hampshire!

Thank you to our great members for voting for us!
Four years running in the top 5 and as always, the only full service, traditional health club on the list!
Here at HHF we love our members, you make us, us! Thank you.

“Hampstead Health and Fitness was praised for its helpful and friendly staff, its high-quality equipment and large, clean space.”

View the results:

Drop & Shop 2018

Gym owner gives free membership to family without water

Gym owner gives free membership to family without water

By Rachel DeBerardinis
The Eagle Tribune

HAMPSTEAD — Things have been rough for the Anthony family, since the fourth well on their property went dry in early July.

According to experts, drilling a fifth well won’t help the family — first, because their fourth well is already three times deeper than the average well in New Hampshire, and second, because their neighbors are also experience water problems.

As they continue to search for a solution, the family was bolstered over Thanksgiving by the kindness of Ted Curtin, owner of Hampstead Health and Fitness

Curtin penned a letter to the family, offering them a free, yearlong membership to the gym — entitling them to use of the facility, showers, a playroom for younger kids, and a kid’s fitness area.

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Legacy of strength: Fred Archambault

It is with great sadness we share the news of the passing of our dear friend Fred Archambault.

I write the following with pause and great sorrow, Fred was not family to me in genealogical terms, but was family to me in my heart and soul. We lost the best today, 95 year old Fred Archambault was my dear friend for 24 years, unlikely friends I guess, that a 20 something and a 70 something would have a unique bond from the start, but we did. I know Fred had that impact on everyone by making them feel special. He was impressed in one way or another by each and every person he met, he truly saw the best in people and would draw it out of them with ease, he was not overly impressed by himself and his own many accomplishments though. Humbleness at it’s finest was a pure trait of Fred’s but he did light up and would let others share in the joy of his achievements when nudged. Reluctant, but his persona and charm shone through when interviewed by a newspaper or local news channel regarding his fitness, longevity and power lifting World Records. In the sea of great great people I am lucky enough to have in my life, Fred was simply the most pure & kindest human being I have known.

In spending time with his wife Pat and son John last week I was so lucky to hear great stories and some little things that made Fred, Fred. As a young family man he would wake every Sunday and ride his 3 speed bike from South Lawrence to Salisbury beach and return in time for lunch. He loved the Red Sox & Patriots while enjoying Coors Light during games, red wine with dinner, and loved candy and had bowls all around the house. His beautiful wife Pat reminisced, “While watching TV Freddie would get up from his chair and I would hear him sneaking candy from a bowl and walk into another room to indulge”, followed by her giggling while holding Fred’s hand at his bedside. I couldn’t help but notice, she didn’t cry while I was there, she smiled, gazed at Fred with such deep love and happiness, joy of a life well lived I saw in her eyes, 71 years of marriage, what I witnessed was true love. I am forever impacted by the two hours I spent with Fred, Pat & John.

I could go on writing about my time spent with Fred over the past quarter century but I will end with this. As much as he impacted us all, you all impacted and impressed him, he would always tell me! Our community here at HHF is unique, we are certainly a family and although we lost a great one lets keep Fred close to our hearts, reminding each other of the way he lived his life and that his example may stay with us in its pureness, truth, integrity, love, balance, but most importantly, in expressing love for each other by sharing our lives through great conversations and truly listening to each other (I’m glad I listened to Fred). Fred truly loved you all. I know first hand that he was grateful to have you all as a big part of his life, as confirmed by his son John in an email to me over the weekend, “His whole being revolved around the gym and the many friends and acquaintances he made over the years”

— Ted

Obituary for Fred A. Archambault, Jr.

Eagle Tribune article: Legacy of strength: Local strongman dies at age 95


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Sophia’s Fund Silent Auction Winners

Thank you to all who placed bids for our silent auction to benefit pediatric cancer patients and their families through Sophia’s Fund! Below is the list of the auction winners. You can claim your item at our front desk after 12 today, please bring your I.D.

  1. White water trip for two – Gina & Francis $100
  2. White water trip for two – Gretchen Shaw $100
  3. Rico Petrocelli jersey – Sam Pappalardo $135
  4. Elvis photo – Scott Douphinette $115
  5. Bobby Orr puck – Jonathan Fortin $120
  6. Ali / Frazier photo – Bennett Curtin $75
  7. Ted Williams autographed cachet – Sue Boomhower $55
  8. Ray Bourque puck – Geoff Christianson $105
  9. Tom Brady autographed photo – Nathan Auclair $200
  10. Ray Bourque photo – Julie Knight $93
  11. Tiger Woods magazine cover – Alec Atwood $85
  12. Marvin Hagler photo – Harry Takesian $70
  13. Ali photo – Nathan Auclair $125
  14. Jacoby Ellsbury photo – Teesha Keating $65


Learn more about Sophia’s Fund: