Looking back over 20 Years!



Hampstead Health & Fitness founders Susan & John Boutin opened the doors of HHF on Saturday November 6th 1999, Hampstead and the surrounding towns had their own health club! At that time gyms and health clubs were few and far between and found primarily in the larger towns or cities of the Merrimack Valley, the Greater Manchester area and the Seacoast. So it was a risky business venture to take over one of the largest commercial/retail buildings in lil’ old Hampstead — the old Custeau’s Market — and turn it into a relatively large health club! I can only imagine the sleepless nights wondering, “if we build it, will they come?” would come to fruition.

Well it did and the Boutin’s desire to create a community and family culture soon resulted in the need for expansion, so within one year they grew to the old ‘Pillbox’ side of the building expanding the kids’ areas of the club, adding a few tenants some that remain today including, Hampstead Sports and Rehab. Lifetime Chiropractic, and C. Melucci Salon & Spa.

In 2006 with a desire for more family time with their two young sons, the Boutin’s decided to sell their beloved gym, to me, Ted Curtin, their Personal Trainer of several years who teamed with Dr. Humberto Valdes, a client and friend of mine. Although I trained at other facilities, a few times per month I would visit HHF to train John and Susan. I loved their gym so when John mentioned to me they wanted to sell it on February 16th 2006 I replied, “consider it sold”. We took over operations of HHF 8 months to the day after on October 16, 2006.

Twenty years after opening its doors HHF remains the longest-running and strongest health club in the area with a staff that works very hard to deliver the best, cleanest, friendliest experience possible and an owner that is on site daily dedicated to HHF and its community.

HHF remains a strong small business in Hampstead surviving and thriving through the recession, the onslaught of chain gyms that surrounded little Hampstead as well as the boom of studio fitness. We are proud of what we have accomplished here in Hampstead, a community comprised of amazing people and we will work to be a pillar of the strength of the small business model in our area.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support of HHF and small business in our community!

– Ted Curtin

Member Spotlight: Marie Wormhood

Meet our Member of the Month Marie Wormhood!

Marie is a pleasure to have in the club, always positive, always working hard to be a better Marie! She has been training for around 12 months with her Trainer, Teesha. Teesha keeps her working hard by challenging Marie with each new session.

The results: significantly lowered blood pressure without the use of medication, mitigated heart-burn, lost a total of 53.4 POUNDS!!! And maybe most importantly, gained control over her food with portion control. In Marie’s words, “I took my life back!”.

We are proud to have Marie as a valued member here at HHF and wish her nothing but the best continuing to leading her healthy lifestyle! GO Marie!

Labor Day Weekend Hours

Labor Day Weekend Hours

Friday, August 30th

Riptide with Sharon 9:30am
8am-12pm – Kids Gym/Playroom ONLY
All classes will run as normal

Saturday, August 31st

1 No Kids Gym/Playroom
7:30am Riptide with Sharon
9:35am Zumba with Sandy

Sunday, September 1st

9:30am Hatha Yoga with Chet ONLY

Monday, September 2nd

No Kids Gym/Playroom
No Riptide

Sophia’s Warrior Run Fundraising

Sophia’s Warrior Run 2019 WINNERS and Photos!

Just a spectacular day here at Hampstead Health and Fitness for our 3rd annual Sophia‘s Warrior Run that was held Saturday June 22! Thanks to our great staff and member volunteers who made this truly incredible day so successful!


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR WINNERS by classification of our 3rd Annual Sophia’s Warrior Run!

5 & 6 year old girls
1st Mia Daggett
2nd Isla Locsin
3rd Nora Spitalere
5 & 6 year old boys
1st Owen Williams
2nd Justin John
3rd Brandon Ducharme
7 & 8 year old girls
1st Liana Gile
2nd Callie Stowe
3rd Bella Armata
7 & 8 year old boys
1st Desmond Bouchard
2nd Max Norman
3rd Devan DiNino
9 & 10 year old girls
1st Ariana Erhardt
2nd Cori Hysette
3rd Estelle Carr
9 & 10 year old boys
1st Broden Scheick
2nd Tate Gregor
3rd Leo Dubois
11 + girls
1st Kiera Bradley
2nd Lucy Denu
3rd Amanda Holcomb
11 + boys
1st Troy Stoddard
2nd Ryan Sigillo
3rd Connor Bradley

Also a big thanks to all our vendors J & B Butcher, Toss n’ Sauce, Prime pizza, The Tiny Shop, Kona ice, DJ Cliff West, Dasilva Motor Sports, Get on Board, RMON Networks, Yasenka Counseling and Coaching, C.Melucci Salon & Spa, Great Clips, Birch Wood Vineyards, Hampstead Sports & Rehab, Ulicious Smoothie & Juice Bar, Hampstead Center Market, Ram Printing, Sanborn Candies, NH’s Ninja Warrior Craig Stowell & Flying Wheels, Panera, BeanTowne, Westville Grand Rental Station and the Hampstead Mothers Club that gives us a great donation to help cover a portion of the entry fee for Hampstead kids that competed!

We have so many great ideas to make our event and even more fun and successful day going forward, this will only get bigger and better! Thanks again to everyone involved!


View all photos of the event »


WMUR-9 Features HHF Warrior Run

The Gym: Today’s Antidote to Stress and Low Self-Esteem

Guest post by Chris Donohoe
Hampstead Health & Fitness member and Anna Jaques Hospital, Senior Psychiatric Counselor.

Stress is a natural part of life. How we deal with it is what matters.

Since ancient times, the human body has been conditioned to respond to stress – perceived danger – by flooding the bloodstream with chemicals (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol) that prepare it to react by either staying to confront the danger or running away from it. These chemicals cause respiratory rates to increase, blood to be diverted into muscles and away from organs, pupils to dilate, eyesight to intensify and the perception of pain to decrease. They enable the body to engage in enormous physical activity to either combat the danger or flee from it. It’s called the fight-or-flight response. Once the threat has been eliminated, the body returns to its normal, pre-threat state.

Those instincts were developed as our ancient ancestors struggled to survive against deadly threats.

Today, those survival mechanisms are hard-wired in your body. When confronting legitimate threats to your physical safety, the fight-or-flight response is invaluable. The problem is that most stressors today don’t threaten your physical safety, yet the flight-or-fight response is triggered nonetheless. This means that, unchecked, your body has an excess of stress hormones pumping through it that cause aggression and hypervigilance.

That’s where the gym comes in. A good workout helps your body release negative stress hormones. Other ways the gym can help reduce stress hormones: using the sauna to relax, scheduling massage therapy or attending a group class, like yoga, that quiets the mind. And of course, we all know that lack of physical activity can lead to a whole host of serious health problems, including heart disease and obesity. Many people join the gym because it helps them to manage stress and maintain a healthy body. But there’s another benefit to a gym membership that doesn’t get as much attention: heightened self-esteem.

People typically join a gym with specific goals in mind, whether it’s to lose weight, improve blood pressure, manage stress, etc. And the very act of setting those goals and taking steps to achieve them can increase self-confidence and improve self-image.

Social interaction also has an impact on self-esteem, and the gym can provide a great social outlet, whether in the friendships you can make in group classes or those you meet in the weight room or on the cardio machines. (Some people prefer a solitary workout, but for those who want to interact with others, the opportunity is there.)

Another element in the positive-feedback loop: A gym routine can encourage you to make healthier food choices. According to a recent report in the International Journal of Obesity, starting an exercise program can inspire people to eat more healthfully. The report cited a study on 2,680 young adults who undertook a 15-week aerobic exercise program, in which “most dietary pattern scores were decreased following exercise training, consistent with increased voluntary regulation of food intake.  A longer duration of exercise was associated with decreased preferences for the western and snacking patterns while a higher intensity of exercise was linked to an increased preference of the prudent pattern.”  The western pattern is weighted toward red meat, processed foods and sugar, and the prudent pattern is weighted toward fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

In all, the gym is the perfect solution to a number of factors that impact us on a daily basis. It can mean a healthier, stronger body, a better self image and a more resilient mind.

Chris Donohoe
Hampstead Health & Fitness member and Anna Jaques Hospital, Senior Psychiatric Counselor.

Summer Hours Effective June 1st

On Saturday June 1st, HHF will begin summer hours.

We are looking forward to continuing to help you stick to your goals while enjoying your summer  @ Hampstead Health and Fitness.

Monday to Thursday 4:45am – 9:30pm
Friday 4:45am – 9pm
Saturday 6:30am – 4pm
Sunday 7am – 3pm

Kids Gym Summer Hours

Effective June 16, 2019

Monday to Thursday 8am-12pm & 3:30pm-7:30pm
Friday 8am-12pm
Saturday 8:15am-12pm

Summer memberships are $89 per child for the Kids Gym.
Sign up for a membership at the Front Desk. Valid through 8/24/18.

Playroom Summer Hours

Effective June 16, 2019

Monday to Thursday 8am-12pm & 3:30pm-7:30pm
Friday 8am-12pm
Saturday 8:15am-12pm

Summer memberships are $59 per child for the Playroom.
Sign up for a membership at the Front Desk. Valid through 8/24/18.

New Cardio Equipment!

ZUMBA Master Class for One Mission